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This place is a JOKE! DO NOT BUY FROM WOODFIN!!!

My 7year-old has better business practices at her lemonade stand!

I'm in need of a transmission so I found the part online at woodfin's website, they advertised my part needed - their website said "Call in today for an extra 20% off!" -

I called.... placed my order, (they were very helpful on the phone) they even got my vin# so they could verify the exact transmission needed for my car.

I paid over the phone with my credit card on Friday Jan 24th 2014. I was also told on that phone call it will take 7 business days to get to my location. Completely fine and understandable, so I paid, they processed my order, I received an invoice via email confirming my order.

Tuesday Jan 28th, I call to verify the day my transmission will arrive at the auto-shop..... I get placed on hold for 5minutes then I'm told, "actually m'am - this transmission is going to be an additional $300. Sorry about that. How would you like to pay?" ...... EXCUSE ME? WTF? I already paid.... you already told me the price of the part... you told me it would be shipped to me in 7 business days.... now NOT ONLY are you telling me you haven't shipped my part yet, you're also telling me that you dont even have my part, AND you're charging me an additional $300??? ARE YOU JOKING!?! Is a child running this business?

I called to reorder from them (they gave me a price only $100 more than the first time) - then the next day I call and ask when my part will be shipped - "oh we don't have it in stock actually" ... even though the sales reps say "We have it cleaned and tested already in our warehouse ready to ship out today!" - LIARS! Cost me 2 full weeks of working on my car to fix it! Plus two charges that better be refunded to my credit card without problems totalling $3,500

What kind of business charges you after you already paid their asking price?? The answer is Woodfin.... HORRIBLE - DO NOT SHOP HERE!!!

Monetary Loss: $3500.


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