These people take payment for items and then never shipp them.They act nice and ask for more time but NEVER send your parts.

Buyer be VERY aware !!!!! I ordered a transmission in Sept. of 2012 and paid for it via Paypal. Billy Wagner told me 8 times that the item had shipped but he was not able to supply me with a tracking number.

He repeatedly made excuses and when I asked that he simply refund my money he refuses. It has exceeded 45 days so Paypal will not respond to the dispute.

Wagner is a deliberate theif and liar.I would highly recommend avoiding this company !!!!!

Monetary Loss: $350.


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Broomfield, Colorado, United States #597970

The owner of thiricks!!s place did the same thing to hundreds of customers at his other company EverDrive that closed down about 2 years ago. Thousands of people who bought parts with a 3 year warranty got hosed. Sad to see he is up to his same old T

to Sorry For You #618852

I iust read your story, I have 2002 Nissan Pathfinder and my motor had seized up w 103,000 mls.Tire Plus had given me an estimate of$4800.

to do the entire job w a moyor with approx. the same amount of mls. and like a fool I thought I could save some money buying a used motorfrom a co.called Woodfins for $2154.99 with a 1yr.parts warranty and have a freind of mine who's a mechanic. I decided not to have him do the installation becaused I felt it was to big a job to be done in a garage.

I foundthis co.,ICS COLD AIR with a good reputation.They said they could the entire job for around $15 to $2000. and ofcourse it turned out 2 be $24.00.I have the car towed over there and 3wks. the job was done and then theres an anti freeze leak which they said they just needed to tighten up a clamp well it still leaked. Now he tells me he has to order a part from Nissan and it's goin to cost around $350.go ahead and do it.

A week later I notice oil unde the car between the tranny hookup the main crank main seal.He tells me I can see where it's coming from but I will have take the tranny apart to see exactly where it's leaking and I said U got to do what U got to do.He says I can't take ur whole car apart to see where it's leaking from it' will cost U $1000. I said under ur warranty why should I have to pay U $1000. when U installed the motor and talking to mechanics from Nissan says most likely rear main seal which he changed and put in. Being on disability I said I can't afford another $1000.

when U should be finding that leak under ur 90 days warranty he wouldn'tdoit. So I took the car and drove and checked the oil everyday.My so takes the car and on interstate I-75 the car just dies, towed to nearest repair shop,Goodtear and the mechanic say there is no compreeion in this motor so towed back to Cold Air and he tells me the same thing,1st he said it could be timming chain and then he says timming chan is fine just no compression, So now I had enough and callWoodfins and talkto CS Robert and say send me all the installation papers to see what we're talking about and then we're go from there.A week goes by and no call back,Itried calling Robert and he was always busy or out.Finally when I do get a call back he say there were certain things that weren't installed properly especially a water pump which he said had to be a brand new water pump. I said this is BS the parts on my engine I was told just needed to be switched onto this JUNG YARD motor that they sold me.He calls ICA and the mechanic tells him the car over heated and most likely theres a blown head gasket. I know if you have a blown head gasket that most definitly there is other problems now.

With this type of motor if U over heat U now could have a cracked head,piston, through a rod a whole lot could be wronge withis motor. So with the towing chaarges,repairs to an`ti freezs and oil leak I have about$5500. into this mess and now the car is at a Nissan servic shop causr the manager said he read my e-mail and said he would go over the car 4 free and document everything that he could without taring to much apart and see if I can be compensated in anyway from WoodfinsUsedAuto Parts. Stay away from this company thier parts come directly from junk yards and delivered to U.

1more thing, whe I decided to have a Certified mechanics shop do the installation, I called up Woodfins and asked to purchase the Labor contract and they refused to sell it to me, said U needed to buy it at time of motor purchased which that I can understand.

As a company that says there not Junk Yard parts and that there network checks out there parts is bunch of BS,As far as standing behind thier Warranty's forget about it, but I'm goin to fight this all the way they shouldn't be allowed to get away with this kind of bussiness.Say Junk Yard Parts.If anyone has delt with this company and can help me out I would sureky appreiate it, robertmarro828@gmail.com Thank You.......

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